Taking your Product Management career to the Next Level – with Büşra Coşkuner (Part 2: The Frameworks)

Summary: This is the second episode of a special Podcast with Büşra, dedicated to leveling up Product Manager’s skills. Ready to unlock the potential of your product management? Tune in for a profound conversation with our guest, Büşra, who will guide us through the best frameworks that can empower product managers to make a real […]

Taking your Product Management career to the Next Level – with Büşra Coşkuner (Part 1: The Mindset)

Summary: Ever thought of leveling up your product management game? In this conversation, Salva hosts Büşra, an experienced product manager, and product leadership coach, as they explore the multifaceted world of product management and leadership. Together, they unravel the challenges faced by aspiring and mid-to-senior level product managers and discuss strategies to thrive in this […]

Unleashing NO-Code superpowers for Product Managers – With Marcel Schneider (HuggyStudio)

Summary: In this episode of Reasonable Product, Salva has invited Marcel Schneider (Product Manager at Huggy Studio) to deep dive into the world of No-Code development and its pivotal role in product management. They explore how No-Code empowers product managers to rapidly bring their ideas to life, focusing on high-priority tasks while reducing the time […]

Product in Marketplaces done right: from how to deal with the “cold start”, to how to organize the product team – With Cliff des Ligneris (GetYourGuide)

Summary: In this Reasonable Product Interview, I had the pleasure of having Cliff des Ligneris talk about 2 sided marketplace. Cliff is Product Lead at GetYourGuide and has been running product at several marketplaces in the past including at Doodle, Car4You, and now at Get your Guide. We spoke about two-sided Marketplaces and why they […]

A recruiter’s view on the job market for product management: layoffs, salary negotiations and hiring tips – with Doug Bates (Intelligent People)

Summary: 2023 seems to be a special year for the Tech job market. Layoffs made the headlines already in January, and several companies have followed this trend since. But is it really so? Is the tech market stuck? What does it take in 2023 to be a great Product leader, and to be noticed by […]

Being a Product Manager in different cultures: where soft-skills beat AI – With Alexandra Vera (Carfax)

Summary: In this episode, I had the chance to discuss with Alexandra Vera about being a Product Manager in different countries and cultures.  Alexandra Vera is Head of Product at Carfax, and was previously VP of Product at Autotrader Canada.  She has been living and working in Product functions in 4 different countries and 3 […]

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