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The Tuna Fish Paradox - More volume does not imply lower prices

The Tuna Fish Can Paradox

Does larger packaging always imply a discount or a lower price per unit? Not necessarily! 👇 Read the (real) story of how a major Swiss retailer prices their Tuna fish cans. We are accustomed to instinctively believing that larger packages mean “paying less” (per unit). The basic idea is that [...]

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Amazon Prime Video Increases prices again

Amazon Prime is playing the Digital Shrinkflation

So, Amazon Prime is increasing prices… again! But this time, they’re playing a digital version of “shrinkflation.” Pretty much every audio and video streaming service has seen their prices rise this year, with Netflix, Disney, and Spotify all announcing double-digit increases to their subscription fees in the last few months. [...]

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Disney+ is increasing pricing in many countries and introducing a 3-tiers offering

How Disney+ is increasing prices by 38%, yet keeping the same price.

In the ongoing trend of digital and streaming services adjusting their prices, it is now Disney+’s turn to make changes. This demonstrates how inflation impacts pricing differently in each industry: Disney+ serves as a prime example, having recently announced double-digit percentage increases. To understand these changes, I will be focusing [...]

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A Product & UX look into pricing: Netflix removes account sharing

Netflix is the market leader in streamed entertainment. Part of its success has been built thanks to a smooth experience, accessible prices, and billing flexibility (compared to pay-tv subscriptions). Exclusive content productions have come into play at a later stage, and have been material to acquire and retain subscribers to [...]

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The real enemy is Product Debt

The real enemy is Product Debt

A Tech & Product debt primer for business-oriented people (including PMs) There may be something in the air, but I see more and more “Technical Debt” becoming a common term also among non-technical people. Technical Debt (or Tech Debt) is nothing new and the concept that code can get “out [...]

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