Taking your Product Management career to the Next Level – with Büşra Coşkuner (Part 1: The Mindset)

Summary: Ever thought of leveling up your product management game? In this conversation, Salva hosts Büşra, an experienced product manager, and product leadership coach, as they explore the multifaceted world of product management and leadership. Together, they unravel the challenges faced by aspiring and mid-to-senior level product managers and discuss strategies to thrive in this […]

Amazon Prime is playing the Digital Shrinkflation

So, Amazon Prime is increasing prices… again! But this time, they’re playing a digital version of “shrinkflation.” Pretty much every audio and video streaming service has seen their prices rise this year, with Netflix, Disney, and Spotify all announcing double-digit increases to their subscription fees in the last few months. Yesterday, Amazon announced something similar, […]

Unleashing NO-Code superpowers for Product Managers – With Marcel Schneider (HuggyStudio)

Summary: In this episode of Reasonable Product, Salva has invited Marcel Schneider (Product Manager at Huggy Studio) to deep dive into the world of No-Code development and its pivotal role in product management. They explore how No-Code empowers product managers to rapidly bring their ideas to life, focusing on high-priority tasks while reducing the time […]

What’s the ideal frequency for tweaking your product’s pricing and offering? 🤷‍♂️

I hear people scared about “playing too often with pricing”, and others who see there an opportunity. Well, you’re all right! The right frequency largely hinges on the specific elements of pricing you’re looking to adjust. Here’s a breakdown: ✔ 𝐏𝐫𝐢𝐜𝐞 𝐏𝐨𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐬 📈: Adjusting your price points, can happen as often as every second, as in […]

🗺️Roadmaps Still Shine – Don’t let (fake) agility justifications fool you!

Have you already heard the clumsy excuse  “We don’t have any roadmaps, we’re agile!” 😯 ? Roadmaps are great companions for agility. Learn how to answer those who would like you to believe the opposite, or disguise a lack of planning as agility. ⛔ Beware – controversial thoughts below this line. Read at your own […]

How Disney+ is increasing prices by 38%, yet keeping the same price.

In the ongoing trend of digital and streaming services adjusting their prices, it is now Disney+’s turn to make changes. This demonstrates how inflation impacts pricing differently in each industry: Disney+ serves as a prime example, having recently announced double-digit percentage increases. To understand these changes, I will be focusing on the new pricing for […]

Who owns pricing?

Diving into an intriguing old McKinsey report on pricing ownership within organizations https://assets.kpmg.com/content/dam/kpmg/pdf/2016/06/unlocking-the-potential-of-pricing.pdf I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at some “notable missing” pieces in the puzzle 😯 . Back in 2016, the spotlight didn’t even touch the product realm! The debate was mainly between Marketing or Sales. That’s all! How have things changed since? Shall […]

The Price Display Dilemma: Unveiling the Pros and Cons of Revealing Prices Online

Shall companies display their prices online upfront or keep them hidden? Companies, in particular the digital ones, invest massively in making products “self-service” to reduce the need for salespeople’s during the purchase journey. At the same time, consumers demand instant information and transparency about the products and services they’re interested in. The question of whether […]

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