Author : Salva Bocchetti

My name is Salva, I am a Product executive, helping tech companies discover, shape, and sell better Products. My work and writing are mainly about subscription models, product pricing, e-commerce/marketplaces, and creating top product organizations. My superpower is to move between ambiguity (as in creativity, innovation, opportunity, and ‘thinking out of the box’) and structure (as in ‘getting things done’ and getting real impact). I am firmly convinced that you can help others only if you have lived the same challenges: I have been lucky enough to practice product leadership in companies of different sizes and with different product maturity. Doing product right is hard: I felt the pain myself and developed my own methods to get to efficient product teams that produce meaningful work.

Pricing Hardware and Hardware+Software Products – Part 1

Part 1- Review of Hardware and Hardware+Software pricing options Introduction Business models in hardware have undergone a significant transformation over the last couple of decades. We’ve moved from a simpler world where hardware was primarily sold outright—akin to purchasing a music CD—to a realm where hardware and software are increasingly integrated and calling for integrated […]

From CPO to CEO: Dealing with Pricing, Revenue, Leadership, and OKRs – Jonathan Landau (CEO @Movu)

In this episode, we welcome Jonathan Landau, CEO of Movu, to share his transition journey from CPO to CEO. It’s a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities that come with moving from a product-centric role to the helm of a company. Movu is the leading Swiss Marketplace for moving services. Jonathan guides us through […]

In pricing, don’t forget to be fair

💵 Pricing fairness and value perception is a topic that too often goes overlooked. While value-based pricing, dynamic pricing, and personalized pricing models are excellent for capturing the full potential value (and willingness to pay) from each customer, they come with a notable risk – the perception of unfairness and a strong backlash to any […]

The importance of solid monetization goals and a clear pricing strategy – With Marie Martens (

In this episode, we talk with Marie Martens, co-founder of, a new and successful form-builder tool. has made a big splash, hitting $1.2 million in yearly revenue, attracting 250,000 users, and converting 4,000 of them into paying customers in just three years—all in a very crowded market and without taking any outside investment. […]

Pricing Models for AI Products

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) gains momentum, a diverse array of companies are seizing the opportunity to develop innovative AI-based products. Recently, I’ve had the privilege of discussing revenue models and monetization strategies with several of these organizations. While traditional pricing strategies are fundamentally relevant, AI products require careful consideration of specific factors to determine the […]

More than just salary: the importance of context to grow as Product Managers – Part 2

After looking at the lonely life of product managers, and why they are stretched between empowerment and accountability, in this second part of the episode Tanja Lau from Product Academy and Salva look deeper into the implications of salary in the life of product managers. From salary gaps to regional and seniority differences, Tanja looks […]

My “Podcast Stack”: 6 Essential Tools I Use for Recording and Sharing My Podcasts

Though I don’t consider myself a professional podcaster, just somebody who likes to share quality content, one of the questions I’m frequently asked is, “What do you use to record your podcasts?” Here, I’ll share my personal toolkit that helps me produce quality podcasts, from recording to hosting, with a particular focus on efficiency. 1️⃣ for […]

The dream of recurring revenue and the reality of subscription fatigue

Start looking at Recurrent Revenue with the eyes of your customers to avoid Subscription Fatigue: 3 major readjustments emerging in the subscription landscape From streaming services to fitness apps, we willingly hand over our credit cards, lured by the promise of seamless access and ongoing value. But what happens when the music stops and the […]

More than just salary: the importance of context to grow as Product Managers – Part 1

In this episode of Reasonable Product, Salva has invited Tanja Lau from Product Academy to explore the multi-dimensional challenges of product management.  They discuss the emotional and professional pressures unique to this role, including the complexities of accountability and strategic decision-making.  They look at the nuances of empowerment in the workplace, the influence of company […]

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