🗺️Roadmaps Still Shine – Don’t let (fake) agility justifications fool you!

Have you already heard the clumsy excuse  “We don’t have any roadmaps, we’re agile!” 😯 ? Roadmaps are great companions for agility. Learn how to answer those who would like you to believe the opposite, or disguise a lack of planning as agility. ⛔ Beware – controversial thoughts below this line. Read at your own […]

Shall I get a product certification? Or a Product Management training/class?

Shall I get a product certification? Or a Product Management training/class? Which book do I have to read to become a good PM? 🤔 I get these questions every day, from PMs who are new to the job and from people who’ve been in the industry for some time, including in leadership positions. Today was […]

2023 product #wishes

For this new year starting, I wish to my fellow product folks out there: Did I miss anything? Feel free to add your wishes to the list with a comment! #productmanagement #work #product #comment #impact Originally published on Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn%3Ali%3Ashare%3A7015667856600113153 Salva BocchettiMy name is Salva, I am a Product executive, helping tech companies discover, […]

#frameworks or no #frameworks in Product Management

I still see too many LinkedIn posts and so-called product frameworks telling what you can and cannot do in product organizations. In the years I’ve learned to be less dogmatic about tiles and about what makes “perfect product organizations. Who said that you can or cannot have PMs alongside POs? Or where to draw the […]

#Productfundamendalism is killing #ProductManagement

Good product management can contribute a long way to making companies able to navigate the unknown, reducing business risk, being customer-centric, and ultimately generating (and collecting) more user value. I call companies that do so the companies that “think product” However, recent trends toward hyped buzzwords and Product Fundamentalism have created a rift in the […]

#byebye good product practices

After the recent announcements of Twitter (with Twitter Blue) and then Meta(with Facebook Verified) launching paid new paid plans, I can’t help noticing how these moves are like a bulldozer running on years of healthy “ #thinkingproduct practices. #byebye good product practices. Those who follow me know that #pricingstrategy and creating empowered product teams are among my main areas of […]

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