Pricing is not based on cost

Pricing is not based on cost… not on management’s gut feeling This post originally appeared on Linkedin at Salva BocchettiMy name is Salva, I am a Product executive, helping tech companies discover, shape, and sell better Products. My work and writing are mainly about subscription models, product pricing, e-commerce/marketplaces, and creating top product organizations. […]

Salespeople know what customers want. Really?

Has any salesperson (or CEO, …) told you “I know the customers’ needs very well because ONE customer told me that…” Why did this happen? There are many reasons, but certainly the “hype” we see lately in product management does not help to bring product teams closer to the rest of the functions. On the […]

A Product & UX look into pricing: Netflix removes account sharing

Netflix is the market leader in streamed entertainment. Part of its success has been built thanks to a smooth experience, accessible prices, and billing flexibility (compared to pay-tv subscriptions). Exclusive content productions have come into play at a later stage, and have been material to acquire and retain subscribers to the platform. While Netflix has […]

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