We build modern product organizations, and help them grow their product talents.
And we step in, hands-on, in the meanwhile.

I am lucky to be able to count on a team of extremely talented colleagues, extending our global skills from Product Management, to User Experience and Research.

We enjoy working on: product pricing, e-commerce/marketplaces, subscription models, and modern product organizations.

We believe that a modern approach is much more than product delivery, and than it can bring immense value to the business

We believe that Europe has not yet deployed its full potential in the product space, and we’re committed to change this

We believe that only working with people in the organizations and helping them grow up we can succed.

Our Services

Our customers ask our help for

Product Governance & Advisory

We take care of your product organization, the way modern tech companies do.

  • Product Check
  • Product Organization Build-Up
  • Board advisory
  • Product Due Diligence

Product Coaching

We take care of product people, so that they can take care of your business.

  • Talent Shadowing
  • Product Leaders coaching

Interim & shared CPO

We take care of your business with flexible time arrangements, but full-mind commitments.

  • Interim CPO and Product Leadership
  • Fractional CPO for Scale-ups
  • Interim PM and Product Boosts
  • Support to hiring
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