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We all know that good pricing starts with a solid Pricing Strategy. But how do you define the strategy? What are the options, and how do you pick the right one?

Wouldn’t it be great if a tool could guide us through the reasoning and help us with the most difficult and important decisions we make while pricing our products or services?

That’s exactly what the Pricing Strategy Navigator does! Like navigating a maze, you begin from the “Start box” and follow the arrows. By answering questions about your product, you will be guided through the options available to you.

Download the FREE Pricing Strategy Navigator

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How the canvas work

For workshops and large sessions, we suggest printing it in A0 format and asking participants to add their thoughts with post-its.

Start reading the PDF from the top, answering the questions that guide you through the different options, and follow the arrows based on your answers.

We also recommend using the empty boxes to document your reasoning, choices, or any doubts that require further clarification. For workshops, you can use post-its in these boxes.

Need something more interactive? We’ve got you covered! In the email with the PDF, you’ll also receive additional, more interactive alternatives, better suited for remote meetings and brainstorming.

Still need some help?

If you’re in doubt or need some help finding out your product strategy, feel free to get in touch

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